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Most Displaced Dairy Farms Will Likely Have Buyers by May 1
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 04/28/2017

With the May 1 deadline now just days away, it appears that the majority of Wisconsin dairy farmers who were notified recently that they would need to find new buyers for their milk have found alternative options. According to figures gathered by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, a total of 58 dairy operations were told by Grassland Dairy Products, or by smaller processors that do business with the company, that they would be dropped as patrons by the end of April because Canada is no longer buying surplus milk from the United States.

A number of other dairies also received the same notice, but were able to reaffirm their agreements for contractual reasons. And about a dozen farms in Minnesota were brought back on by Grassland through a new deal with Agropur Inc., a Candian-based dairy processor that has a plant in St. Paul.

The newspaper said nearly all of the farms that lost their contracts with Grassland Dairy now appear likely to have new milk buyers by Monday--even if the agreements are short term. The effected dairy farms range in size from 80 cows to several thousand.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Farm Bureau Governmental Relations Director Karen Gefvert was quoted in the Journal-Sentinel as saying there's a 'Plan B' in the works for farms that run out of options before May 1. She did not disclose the details, but told the paper that it could include finding milk haulers to pick up the product in hopes of finding a processor.

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