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Wisconsin Corn Checkoff Funds University Research
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/03/2012

The Wisconsin corn checkoff is funding projects with University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers investigating corn seed treatments, the sustainability of atrazine and production of renewable chemicals from ethanol plants during 2012.

Nematode pests of corn are widely distributed throughout Wisconsin and the study funded by corn checkoff money will evaluate the benefits of two new seed treatments now available for corn grower use. Led by Ann MacGuidwin, plant pathologist and Shawn Conley, agronomist, the project will determine the impact nematicide seed treatments have on corn grain yield and nematode population densities.

The impact of atrazine on sustainability of weed management in Wisconsin corn production is the goal of a two-year study by Vince Davis, weed specialist and Paul Mitchell, agricultural economist.

A two-year research study investigating ways to produce renewable chemicals from corn ethanol plants was also funded by the corn checkoff program recently. While this research specifically focuses on making a renewable chemical called furfural from either distillers’ grain or corn fiber, the work is expected to be applicable to other since products of ethanol production.

Primary researcher for this project is Troy Runge, former director of the Wisconsin Bioenergy Initiative at the University of Wisconsin.

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