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Wisconsin Still Leading the National for Dairy Product Output
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 04/30/2014

New figures have confirmed that the Dairy State put out more cheese and other dairy products than any other state during the past calendar year. According to the National Ag Statistics Service, Wisconsin produced 2.85 billion pounds of cheese varieties in 2013. That was higher than the previous record of 2.78 billion pounds set in 2012.

The report shows that total production of American, Italian, Mozzarella and other types of variety cheeses were all up last year in Wisconsin, while Cheddar output was down.

Total U.S. cheese production was 11.1 billion pounds, about two percent above 2012 production levels. Wisconsin accounted for 25.7 percent of the nation's production.

The state's agriculture department is expected to release statistics on last year's specialty cheese production in the coming weeks.

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