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From Basketball Star to Farming Advocate: Inspiring Community Growth
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 06/09/2023

Marcus Landry, a former basketball star, has transitioned from the court to the farm, supporting his community through agriculture and education. After a decade-long professional basketball career, Landry seized the opportunity presented by the pandemic to pursue his lifelong dream of owning a vast plot of land for farming.

Motivated by a scarcity of eggs during the COVID-19 lockdown, Landry realized the need for self-sustainability and embarked on a new journey. In 2021, he purchased a 13-acre farm in Elkhorn, which he named the "Beulah Family Homestead," emphasizing the commitment to one's pursuits.

Beyond cultivating crops and raising farm animals, the homestead serves as an educational platform. Landry invites students from local schools to learn about the origins of their food and gain practical knowledge of farming practices. By fostering an understanding of nurturing life, Landry aims to inspire positive change within communities impacted by violence and instability.

Driven by his vision, Landry plans to expand the farm's outreach by introducing new programs for both children and adults. By bridging the gap between the farm and the table, he hopes to demonstrate the journey food takes from cultivation to consumption.

Landry's Beulah Family Homestead has already made a significant impact on lives, as it encourages youth to explore diverse avenues for making a difference. Through farming, they discover their ability to provide sustenance to the less fortunate and positively impact their communities.

Landry's goal is to empower young individuals to approach their aspirations with unwavering dedication, be it in agriculture or any other endeavor. By instilling a sense of commitment, he hopes to inspire future generations to realize the transformative power within themselves.

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