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Wisconsin's Dairy Science Program Flourishes with Certified Holsteins
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 06/09/2023

The dairy science program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is thriving, offering students an exciting opportunity to study alongside certified Holsteins. As Wisconsin holds the title of "America's Dairyland," it's fitting that the university's program continues to flourish.

Thanks to critical funding of $7.8 million annually provided by the Wisconsin legislature, the dairy innovation hub supports dairy research and the addition of new faculty members.

Under this program, the university has expanded its faculty from 12-13 to nearly 20 members across three locations. This increase in faculty availability is a remarkable advantage for dairy industry students, providing greater access to knowledge and expertise.

The benefits extend beyond the classroom, as students can engage in applied research within the dairy innovation hub's four critical areas: animal health and welfare, land and water, farm business and community, and human health and nutrition.

All the university's commercial dairy research facilities exclusively house registered Holstein cows. This deliberate choice is crucial for conducting valid research that matches the productivity levels of high-performing cows in the top herds nationwide.

The program's success is evident in the 100-percent job placement rate for dairy program graduates, who often receive training in specialized areas.

This development brings promising prospects for future dairy professionals and bolsters the reputation of U.S.-registered Holsteins. Wisconsin's commitment to its dairy industry is further emphasized by the state's impressive milk production, which reached 31.9 billion pounds in 2022.

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