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Broken Rail Blamed for Corn Spillage After Train Derailment
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/15/2007

About 800 tons of corn was spilled when 10 freight cars on a Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. train derailed and overturned earlier this month. The accident occurred in Genesee's Sunset Park near Sunset Drive and Highway DE on January 5. The load was taking the grain from Horicon to Janesville. No one was injured during the mishap.

According to investigators, a broken rail is being blamed for the accident--which may have been damaged during the unusual winter weather. The track is about 100 years old in the area of the accident.

The rail company said the damage was so great that eight of the 10 derailed cars, weighing 30 tons each when empty, could not be salvaged. The wreckage will remain by the side of the track until someone makes a bid to the railroad company to scrap them.

A large vacuum made for grain was used to clean up the spilled corn, which was then transferred in trucks to a local grain elevator so that it could be reloaded onto freight cars for reshipping.

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