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Comments Sought on Special Vegetable Pesticide Registration
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/15/2007

Wisconsin vegetable growers would have better control of grasses and broadleaf weeds under a special pesticide registration proposed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture. This special registration will allow producers who raise minor vegetable crops to control broadleaf weeds, sedges and grasses through the use of Dual Magnum. Wisconsin citizens have until January 25 to review and comment on the proposed five-year special pesticide registration.

The special registration process allows states to register pesticide products without prior federal approval, giving states flexibility to meet local needs such as controlling a plant disease or insect outbreak.

Vegetable growers in Wisconsin are faced with a wide variety of weeds but have few federally registered pesticides available for weed control prior to weed emergence. The alternative herbicides are either non-existent or inadequate for wide spectrum weed control in these crops. Weed competition can significantly reduce vegetable crop yield because the weeds often out compete the vegetable plants for sunshine, nutrients and water.

Growers would be able to use Dual Magnum on several minor vegetable crops grown in the state including asparagus, bell peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, carrots, celery, Daikon radishes, dry bulb onions, eggplant, garden beets, green onions, horseradish, leeks, parsnips, radishes, rhubarb, rutabagas, spinach, Swiss chard, and turnips.

The preliminary environmental assessment indicates the proposed registration will not require a full environmental impact statement. For a copy of the environmental assessment, call 608-224-4547.

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