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Wind Turbine Standards Upheld by State Supreme Court
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 07/02/2015

Justices on Wisconsin's highest court voted 5-2 in favor of protecting the state's wind turbine construction rules this week, which were being challenged by realtors and construction companies that feel wind farms have a negative impact on the housing industry.

On Tuesday, the state Supreme Court upheld the standards implemented by the Public Service Commission three years go, which establishes uniform limits on sound levels and shadow flicker, as well as the minimum distances between homes and turbines.

The issue has been fought in court since it was first put into place. In 2013, a Brown County judge ruled in the commission's favor and the rules were upheld again in the state's 3rd District Court of Appeals last year.

An opinion by Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson noted that the PSC considered evidence about the effects of wind turbines when drafting the rules and that those standards do not directly harm residential property values.

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