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Bilingual Dairy Employee Videos Available
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 07/18/2016

A set of bilingual dairy employee training videos is now available to farm owners and managers who employ Hispanic workers. There are four introductory videos developed by the University of Wisconsin-Extension, in which employees will learn proper techniques to use when managing the bedding and TMR.

Program coordinators say the videos are an effective learning tool, providing short lessons that are easier to learn while reducing the time owners and managers will have to provide relief work so their employees can watch the training videos. Bedding Management 101 covers the basics including: importance of cleanliness, when and how to clean stalls, and keeping alleys clean. TMR Management teaches employees about proper feed management and topics like the importance of consistency, proper face management, weighing and mixing, and when to push up feed.

Videos are included in both English and Spanish, and each video has subtitles to go along with the audio. The video set can be ordered for $25.

For more information about these videos, call the UW-Extension Brown County at 920-391-4612.

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