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Johnson, Kind Sponsoring Cheese 'CURD' Bill
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 01/22/2018

A bipartisan group of federal lawmakers are proposing legislation that would help consumers know if they are purchasing 'natural cheese' or 'process cheese' when they buy dairy products at the grocery store. Senator Ron Johnson and Rep. Ron Kind are joining Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon and Rep. Billy Long from Missouri in sponsoring the 'Codifying Useful Regulatory Definitions Act,' or otherwise known as the 'CURD Act.'

Supporters say there needs to be a way to define the difference between cheese that is naturally made, versus products that are processed with non-dairy ingredients.

"The term 'natural cheese' means cheese that is produced from the milk of lactating animals or from other dairy ingredients; and is produced in accordance with natural cheese standards of identity under the Code of Federal Regulations," the bill's text reads.

Johnson adds that Wisconsin is known for its cheese, in all its forms and varieties. He says codifying the definition of natural cheese will allow consumers the necessary information to make informed decisions when purchasing and enjoying the great products of Wisconsin.

The International Dairy Foods Association praised the bill's introduction, saying in a statement that U.S. cheese companies have been using the term natural cheese for decades.

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