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Sensenbrenner Bill Would Limit Biofuel Blends
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 07/29/2015

Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner introduced legislation this week that requires the Environmental Protection Agency to limit the volume of cellulosic biofuel to be blended into the nation's fuel supply to what is commercially available until a comprehensive study from the National Academy of Sciences is completed.

The Renewable Fuel Standard requires increasing amounts of cellulosic biofuel to be blended into the fuel supply, but the Brookfield Republican says manufacturers have never produced enough fuel to meet the required standard.

"The EPA has lowered the mandate, but not to the actual level of production," Sensenbrenner claimed. "Refiners have therefore paid millions of dollars in fines for failing to purchase an EPA-mandated product that doesn't actually exist in the quantities the EPA demands."

He also feels that EPA sets unachievable standards for the nation's refiners and the cost of the EPA's fines are passed on to consumers at the pump.

"This legislation will ensure any mandates moving forward are fair, attainable, and evidence-based.," he noted.

Earlier this year, Sensenbrenner sponsored a bill that would revoke current approval of E15 gasoline and require additional testing of midlevel ethanol blends like E10. Back in 2012, the Congressman introduced similar legislation to limit the EPA's ability to mandate that refiners blend more cellulosic biofuel than is actually available.

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