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State Corn Growers Endorse Three in Upcoming Recall Election
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 07/28/2011

The Wisconsin Corn Growers Association is backing at least three of the state senators who are facing recall challenges during a special election next month. The group announced on Wednesday that its board of directors is endorsing Republicans Luther Olsen of Ripon, Sheila Harsdorf from River Falls and Dan Kapanke of La Crosse.

The vote will be held in nine senate districts around the state on August 9, in which six GOP lawmakers are being challenged for supporting Governor Scott Walker's plan to strip public unions bargaining rights, while three Democrats are targeted for leaving the state to delay a vote on the measure.

"These three Senators each have a 100-percent voting record in favor of rural Wisconsin," said WCGA President Brian Long. "They all understand the challenges we face as farmers, and have voted to help preserve and advance Wisconsin agriculture time and time again."

A statement from the farm group's board said Senator Olsen has been a leader for rural Wisconsin and that his work on use value assessment and reducing regulations has really made a difference in farmers' lives. They called Senator Harsdorf is a lifelong farmer who didn't need any on the job training in what is important to farmers and praised her work on biofuels and creating incentives for young farmers. And Dan Kapanke was praised for being part of the corn grower family long before he ran for public office.

"We are encouraging all our members and everyone concerned with Wisconsin agriculture to support these three Senators on August 9th," Long added.

The WCGA recently formed CORN PAC to get more directly involved in state elections.

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