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Cost of Farming in Wisconsin Hits Another Record High
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 08/04/2014

The cost of running an average-sized farm operation in Wisconsin was up for the third consecutive year in 2013. According to the USDA's National Ag Statistics Service, total state farm production expenditures were at a record $11.4 billion last year--up 3.4 percent percent from 2012.

Feed expense represented the largest single production expense for Wisconsin farmers last year at $2.06 billion. That was up 6.2 percent. Farm services, the second largest expense, totalled $1.40 billion. But that category was 4.1 percent less expensive than a year earlier.

Ag economists say the largest category increase in 2013 was found in miscellaneous capital expenses, which doubled during the year; followed by misc. farm machinery at an 18 percent increase. Farm improvements and construction, as well as livestock & related expenses were both 12 percent higher. Other increases were found in feed, chemicals, interest, property taxes, supplies & labor, tractors and self-propelled machinery, seeds & plants, and trucks/autos. But rent, fertilizer, fuels, and labor were all down for the year.

By the numbers, expenditures per Wisconsin farm averaged $163,897 in 2013, compared with $158,453 in 2012. The average operation spent $29,513 on feed, $20,057 on farm services, $12,607 on fertilizer, and $13,467 on labor.

Meanwhile, expenditures for a Midwestern farm averaged $199,800 last year--up by $18,300 over 2012.

Nationally, farm production expenditures totalled $367.3 billion in 2013, up two percent from 2012. Expenditures per U.S. farm averaged $175,270 in 2013, compared with $171,309 in 2012. On average, American farms spent $29,779 on feed, $18,612 on farm services, $16,321 on Livestock and related expenses, and $15,271 on labor.

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