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Wisconsin Ag Real Estate Values Still Rising
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 08/06/2013

The value of agricultural real estate in the Badger State continued its upward trend during 2012. The Wisconsin Ag Statistics Service announced that as of January 1, the value of farm real estate, including land and buildings, averaged $4,400 per acre, up 1.1 percent from 2011.

Compared with its neighbors in the Lake Sates region, Wisconsin had a lower value than both Michigan at $4,800 and Minnesota at $4,750.

Cropland values in Wisconsin averaged $4,300 per acre. That was an increase of $70 from last year, while average pasture values went up $20 per acre to $2,150.

Meanwhile, the average cropland rental rate for Wisconsin is $124.00 per acre. That's an increase of $9.11 over last year. The state's pasture rental rate is averaging $35.00 per acre, up three percent over the previous 12 months.

Nationally, farm real estate values averaged $2,900 per acre, up 9.4 percent from last year. Cropland values increased by $460 at $4,000 per acre. The pasture value increased to $1,200 per acre, or 4.3 percent above 2012.

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