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Wisconsin Growers Paying More to Rent Farmland
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 09/01/2020

Farmers that rent non-irrigated cropland in the Badger State are paying a little more out of pocket this year to farm other people's property. The Wisconsin Ag Statistics Service reports that the average cash rental rate for farmland is $138 per acre for 2020, up one dollar from last year's figures.

The most expensive region of the state to rent field acres is the south central, where rent is going for $183 per acre. Landlords in LaFayette County continue to charge the highest amount for an acre of farmland at $227, followed by Grant, Green and Rock Counties, respectively.

Northwest Wisconsin is offering the cheapest rent at $79, which is $1.50 less than they paid last year. Douglas County, which is in that district, is renting agricultural land for the lowest amount of any county at $22 per acre.

Twenty-seven counties had average cash rents less than $100 per acre in 2020 and several averaged less than $50 per acre.

Meanwhile, pastureland is renting for about five dollars less per acre statewide at $35. Grazing land in the east central part of the state is averaging more than $55 per acre this year, while producers in the northwest are paying the least at $17.

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