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Jurors in Recent Raw Milk Trial to Hold Press Conference
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 08/13/2013

The case regarding a Loganville dairy farmer who was acquitted on three of four criminal charges of food distribution in Sauk County this spring does not appear to have an ending yet. The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund announced on Monday that it is organizing a press conference this weekend to talk about the trial.

The event will include certain members of the jury, as well as Vernon Hershberger himself. Others who plan to make statements include Author David Gumpert; Max Kane, who is the founder of; and Attorney Elizabeth Rich, the group's vice president.

The forum will take place August 17 at Grazin' Acres, which is Hershberger's farm that was raided by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture in 2010 after inspectors found that he was selling unpasteurized milk to consumers. That's what prompted the state to place a hold on the operation's products and eventually lead to his prosecution.

On May 25, jurors found Hershberger guilty of one count of violating the holding order, but acquitted him on three other charges, including selling retail food products without a license and operating both a dairy farm and a dairy plant without the necessary legal permits. He was fined $1,000 a month later, plus $500 in court costs for not cooperating with DATCP after the raid.

Meanwhile, the FTCLDF says several of the jurors have since become friends with Hershberger, with some even joining his buying club that was organized to distribute raw milk products.

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