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State Crop Forecast Predicts Lower Corn, Higher Soybeans in '09
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 08/14/2009

The USDA has given Wisconsin farm producers a better idea of what they can expect come harvest time this fall. This week, the National Ag Statistics Service issued its August Crop Production report, which gives first estimates of yield and production for corn, soybeans and other spring-planted row crops.

According to the report, Wisconsin corn harvested for grain acres are anticipated to be 2.85 million acres, down 30,000 acres from last year. Corn is expected to yield 135 bushels per acre, down two bushels from 2008. Production is forecast at 385 million bushels of corn, also down two percent from last year's 395 million bushels. As of the beginning of August, corn was rated 48 percent good to excellent condition by Wisconsin Crop Progress reporters. Statewide, the corn crop was lagging in maturity compared to both a year ago and the five-year average. Growing degree days and rainfall are both behind normal for Wisconsin.

Statewide soybean production is expected to reach 63.6 million bushels, up 14 percent from 2008. Soybean yield is forecast at 39 bushels per acre, up four bushels from last year. Wisconsin farmers expect to harvest 1.63 million acres of soybeans in 2009 compared to 1.59 million last year. Wisconsin soybean crop condition was rated 50 percent good to excellent by Wisconsin Crop Progress reporters as of the beginning of August. Soybean maturity in the state was lagging behind last year and the five-year average.

Winter wheat production in Wisconsin is forecast at 18.9 million bushels harvested, down from 22.1 million bushels last year. The decreased production is due both lower yield and harvested acreage from last year. Farmers anticipate winter wheat to yield 63 bushels per acre, unchanged from last month and down 3 bushels from 2008. Wisconsin oat production is forecast at 13.0 million bushels, up from 11.8 million bushels last year. The oat crop is expected to yield 65.0 bushels per acre.

Farmers throughout the state anticipate harvesting 3.72 million tons of alfalfa and alfalfa mixture dry hay in 2009, down eight percent from 2008. Yield is forecast at 2.40 tons per acre, down 0.30 ton per acre from last year. All other dry hay acres harvested is expected to produce 608,000 tons in Wisconsin this year, down from the 760,000 tons in 2008. Wisconsin farmers anticipate the all other dry hay crop to yield 1.60 tons per acre, down from 1.90 tons per acre last year.

And 6,100 acres were planted to dry edible beans this year, down 400 acres from 2008. Dry edible bean harvest is expected on 6,000 acres, compared to 6,400 acres last year. Dry edible bean production is expected to reach 120,000 hundredweight in Wisconsin for 2009. Wisconsin dry edible bean yield is forecast at 2,000 pounds per acre compared to 2,130 pounds per acre in 2008.

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