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Congressman Tiffany Pushes Bill to Delist Gray Wolves
Wisconsin Ag Connection - 09/11/2020

Another bill is making its way through the House of Representatives that aims to remove the gray wolf from the federal endangered species list. Wisconsin Congressman Tom Tiffany and Rep. Pete Stauber of Minnesota say their measure would also give individual states the authority to manage their own wolf populations.

"It's time to end the era of urban judges and paper-pushers a thousand miles away in Washington, DC micro-managing Wisconsin wildlife policies," said Tiffany. "Wolf attacks on pets and livestock are becoming commonplace and the soaring wolf population is beginning to do long-term damage to the hunting industry--enough is enough."

As part of the Managing Predators Act, officials in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Wyoming would be given control of their wolf populations by permanently barring federal officials from interfering in state wolf management efforts. Tiffany adds that the federal Endangered Species Act has been converted into what he calls 'a statutory Hotel California,' where unelected bureaucrats and lobbyists see to it that animals check-in to the threatened and endangered list, but never leave.

"Wisconsin farmers, ranchers and sportsmen have seen enough real-world evidence to know that it is their livelihood and future that's endangered, not the gray wolf," he said.

The federal government delisted the gray wolf in the western Great Lakes region in 2012. But animal rights groups convinced a judge to place further protections on the animals and efforts to overturn that decision have been unsuccessful.

State records show there have been over 65 wolf attacks so far this year involving farm animals or hunting dogs.

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